A Dreamy Day in the Italian Mountainside

This is proof that, when talented creatives collaborate with a pair of fun-loving people, they’re able to create something truly awesome! The wild countryside, real love and untamed happiness are what drew us to this stunning day. Staying in their element brought out this couple’s sunshine personalities and really showcased their inner beauty. We asked photographer Leonie Cappello to tell us more about their day in the Italian mountainside. 

The shoot

We had to go to Florence for a wedding so we decided to take a videographer along to shoot with us. As a photographer, I wanted to capture the scene of me doing a shoot so I searched on Instagram for a really cool couple. It wasn’t easy, but in the end, I found this wonderful pair.

We met Claudio and Marcela at their home in Vaglia, near Florence, where they live with their dog, Breeze, and their two horses. Claudio is a horse trainer and Marcela is a Portuguese blogger. These two were so naturally beautiful and just altogether lovely people. We began our shoot in a field a few meters from their house with a breathtaking view of the mountains around Florence. We also went on to shoot them with their horses and Marcela made some awesome flower crowns – the whole day was so overwhelming. We ate pasta together and had a wonderful evening. We were able to have a great shoot and made lifelong friends in the process!