Double sided envelopes – DIY

We are a fresh-out-of-the-box wedding stationery company in the beautiful Winelands who love few things more than the magic which happens when paper, pattern and colour come together to create design heaven. So you can imagine how much we at Seven Swans love the fact that we can share this passion with you today!

Since real beauty shines from the inside, out, we are going to show you how to print and make your very own double sided envelopes where the prettyness peaks through like a surprise game of peak-a-boo!

Like many light-bulb moments, this one was born out of frustration. Too many times we have tried to find a suitable package to finish off a perfectly crafted invite or letter, just to yet again be disappointed by another boring one colour envelope with no added excitement factor. SO we started creating our very own envelopes. Today we have specially designed bespoke envelopes for our Pretty Blog readers to create at home. We hope you have fun making them!

Simply ask your local printer to print the 2 page PDF onto a single A3 sheet of paper so that you have the pages printed back to back. Using a craft cutter or pair of scissors, carefully cut along the outside edge of the envelope template. Fold the flaps inward to create your envelope. Now stick the flaps together with double sided tape, and voila!

Remember, you can even create your own designs with scraps of wallpaper or even gift wrapping paper. Simply trace the cut-out template onto the wallpaper/gift wrap, cut carefully, fold, stick and there you have your own unique envelope to use for someone special.

Have fun!

xx Anelle of Seven Swans