Dancing in the Rain: A Jozi Engagement

Another fun city shoot from an equally fun (and romantic) couple. There are really intimate, genuine moments captured here, with our favourite being the dancing in the rain!

Juanita looked like she stepped off the pages of Vogue and we loved watching them dance in the street as if no one was watching… ~ Ilse Moore (Photographer)

How did the two of you meet and fall in love?

We met at Jac’s 21st birthday party. I know how that sounds so let me elaborate. Jac and two friends decided to throw their birthday parties together. One of those two friends are friends with one of my friends, who got us invited to the party. 

I was chatting with a mutual friend when this gentle giant came over to introduce himself. Not with a handshake ladies and gentlemen, but with a cordial hug. We ended up chatting for the rest of the evening. After we met, we had numerous coffee dates. This entailed Jac getting on his bicycle in the middle of the winter – and at night I might add, to especially visit me outside my hostel. 

Armed with a sleeping bag to sit under and a backpack containing two mugs and a flask filled with the warm beverage that neither of us can do without. Coffee. How did we fall in love you ask? Somewhere between the countless conversations and our mutual deep-rooted love for coffee.

What do you each value most about each other?


Jac is my partner. There is no better way of describing it. He loves, he forgives, he listens to, he laughs with, he appreciates, he adores, he encourages and he protects me and I have never met anyone with a kinder, purer, braver heart. I value him because he values life. Jac is the guy who will never let you down and who respects people who are true to themselves. He is complex yet simple, tough yet tender.


Juanita is an amazing and different partner. She is always exploring the unknown and loves traveling. From the moment we met we had heart-to-heart discussions on life and the journey we had both been through. I was convinced that I had met the one and only person in this life that could truly understand me for who I am. 

She is always striving to better herself and embraces the fact that she is unique. She pursues her dreams with utmost dedication and hard work and always remains humble. All of these values, which I absolutely appreciate, are the essence of who she is and are, quite frankly, very attractive properties.

Tell us about the shoot, the experience

We feel like we need to answer this question in two parts to appropriately give credit where credit is due.

Ilse & Sean – our awesome photographers.

We met at a small coffee shop in Braamfontein called Father Coffee on the day of our engagement shoot. While drinking our 4th or 5th cup of coffee, it started pouring. It didn’t phase them at all. In fact, they got more excited.

 Ilse was running in the rain and taking pictures like a ninja and Sean, smoothly easing onto his role as keeper of the keys and protector of valuables. They are warm and inviting and channel your inner model (because everyone apparently has that – thank you, technological revolution) into something with a beautiful end result.

Location – Braamfontein and surrounds.

This revived area has such vibrant scenery. We love that. Some thought and a great deal of creativity went into the revival. Relating well to the cosmopolitan atmosphere, we knew we had to have our pictures taken here.

This day was particularly enticing because of the market that takes place there every Saturday. It was busy but we shared in the fun. We laughed a lot, got soaking wet, posed, met some people, had some wine and called it a day.

What do you love most about living in Johannesburg?

Johannesburg keeps us on our toes. We are constantly aware of our surroundings. I suppose that can be seen as a positive and/or a negative characteristic of the city however we try to lean more towards the auspicious side of it.

The city is so rich with variety and diversity which just adds a bit more magic to the already interesting place we call home.

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