Craig & Karin’s Farm Wedding

Craig fell in love with Karin during a surfing lesson while we fell in love with Karin’s crafty jewellery brand, Dear Rae, a few years ago. Just imagine our excitement some months ago when we heard that she was about to tie the knot. This meant some serious creative inspiration was making its way to our blog. The images captured by Love Made Visible didn’t disappoint. The wedding is a true reflection of simplicity, untainted beauty and natural elegance. Karin and Craig stayed true to their personal sense of style, and we can not help but to give special mention her gorgeously hand crafted wreath, complimenting her fairy-like plait and beautiful classic – vintage gown.
The guys looked equally dashing in their outfits and Craig was a proud groom awaiting his future wife in the mystic realm of a dreamy forest setting.The couple used a variety of raw materials, wooden tables, kelim carpets, natural floral bouquets and wreaths adorning the fresh open landscape of their reception space. The warmth of great food, good company and  the honest appeal of true love is what makes this such a special wedding and definitely one of our favourites.

Their Story

We met via mutual friends, we started surfing together and developed a great friendship. A few months later Craig went on holiday to India, I first realized that we were more than friends when I started receiving love letters from India in the post.Three years later, on a beautiful spring evening, Craig proposed on table mountain. We skipped down the mountain to the full moon and fireflies lighting the way. When we got home some of our closest friends and family surprised me. It was so lovely to share our joy with them.

What Was The Highlight Your Wedding?

Our ceremony under the maypole in the forest, walking down the mountain with my new husband and dancing under a canopy of lights with my closest friends and family.

Our theme for the wedding was wreaths. It represented a circle of never ending love and life. My mom made 25 wreaths out of fynbos and hung them on a big wall. We had a giant wreath surrounding the maypole in the forest ceremony. I even had a wreath on the back of my dress. We both wore brass wreaths as crowns.

Any advice for couples planning their weddings?

Make it your own. Make sure that your wedding represents both of you. Don’t be scared to remove or add something to the day, it should be unique to you.

Did your wedding include any DIY projects?

Creating has always been a big part of my family.We all got involved. My mom made 25 wreaths out of fynbos and hung them on a massive wall. My mom and Mother-in-law sewed the ribbon for the maypole. My sister, Nicole and bridesmaid, Maike did the stationery. My dad made my bronze olive wreath crown. I made our wedding rings.