A Cozy, Homely Wedding in the Free State

Over the past few years, more and more couples have moved away from the conventional “old fashioned” way of doing things. I love how today’s weddings have a more personalised feel about them. More emphasis is placed on reflecting the couple’s tastes, rather than doing something simply because it’s a custom or the norm. Mia and Marius opted to follow this new trend by giving a very intimate, homey and authentic feel to their wedding.

their love story

Marius and I met at work, I was a journalist and he was in a more senior position. I couldn’t stand him at first, but the more I got to know him the more I liked what I saw. I fought my feelings for a long time, but eventually agreed to go on a date with him. After that, we started dating, and four years later he proposed to me.

The wedding

Our wedding day had a warm and cozy feel with bonfires; red wine; and vintage, homemade decor pieces. Sharing our handwritten vows with each other was one of the most intimately happy moments of Marius’ and my life.
Planning and DIY

I made thousands of lists, which I ticked off. Then I would make new lists; and I would tick them off. I used deadlines to keep this process continuous and on track.

Tips and Advice

Welcome any help with open arms. But, use guidelines to make sure the help will actually make your wedding happen according to your vision. Marius and I did our best to have our wedding reflect the unique flavour that we represent in life; I believe that smaller weddings are better for achieving this.