Petrus & Nina’s Whimsical Coastal Wedding

We kick off the new week with this crafty celebration captured by Alice Swan. This handmade affair is filled to the brim with darling details and a good dose of whimsy. We’re loving all the bright, rich colours, perfect for this nippy autumn morning.
Petrus and Nina said their “I do’s” in a coastal town, Kleinmond, in the Cape Overberg. This picturesque town with its majestic mountains, beautiful fynbos and quaint shops made the perfect setting for this young couple’s big day. They opted for an intimate, family affair with everyone helping out. Even the grannies were assigned to make the wedding cake, but the bride took the term DIY to a new level! This medical student actually took a metal smith course, and made her groom’s wedding ring and cuff links with her newly acquired skills.

Tell us your love story. How did you meet and fall in love?

We are actually high school sweethearts. We first noticed each other in a class debate about eight years ago where we were ferociously opposed. I decided to take him on in a debate, of which I didn’t even understand the topic! He, on the other hand, had read numerous books on it … Alas, I lost. Afterwards, as he gently explained it to me, I fell head-over-heels in love. We got to know each other a lot better on an exchange program in Germany and it was a done deal.

So how did he pop the question?

I knew he had bought the rings, but they were being restored in Cape Town and Petrus was working terrible hours, so I didn’t expect anything on the Wednesday evening he proposed. Then my friend Monique called and said she had something to discuss. She sounded so worried, I immediately canceled my date with Petrus and went off with her. He organised with my mom to pack me an overnight bag, which she had dropped off with my friend. Monique and I drove to the nature reserve, where he was waiting, flowers and picnic basket in hand. We drove all the way to a secluded beach at Rooiels, where he proposed by candle light under the full moon. He arranged with a chef at a restaurant to stay late, so afterwards we had a lovely meal.

What were the highlights of your wedding day?

The very special service done by my uncle and the marriage ceremony by my grandfather – who also christened me when I was 27 days old! Of course Petrus’s speech had all our guests in tears …

Any advice for brides-to-be?

Involve everyone – make it a special family affair filled with laughter and fun. Include everything that you as a couple love.

Where did you get most of your ideas and inspiration from?

I love arts and crafts, so I dove into all my art journals I have been making since early high school and just brainstormed with my mom.

Any time-saving or organising tips?

Write everything in the same book – till slips and random pieces of paper with important information on is not the way to go.

Did your wedding preparations include any DIY projects?

Close to everything was handmade. I took a metal smith course, and made Petrus’s wedding ring and cufflinks for him, my dad and brother, flying bird rings for all the grandmothers, mothers and bridesmaids, embroidered pins for all involved, ribbon and measure tape brooches for all the female guests and shortbread packets for all the men. We had the 400 m of bunting, handmade and printed placemats, the extensive poedingtafel and handmade ‘outydse’ wedding cake – my grandma had all her days with me to get those roses right!

Were any of your family members or friends involved in the wedding and what were their contributions?

EVERYONE was involved – my friends had to cut out 4000 fabric flags – and then stitch them; mosaics; my mother made us a wedding quilt; mother-in-law made all the cookies and tablespreads; the grandmas did the wedding cake and ‘poedingtafel’, my dad and Petrus built the sail, my sister was in charge of admin, her boyfriend soldered and made all the fairylights – it was a family affair!

Any hints for other brides on how to keep your wedding budget-friendly?

One word: Handmade!

What are you looking forward to now that you are married? What’s next for you as a couple?

We are loving the married life and changing our apartment into our dream home is a wonderful process – Petrus pulls out the drill on a weekly basis!

How does your wedding reflect your personalities?

It’s fun, fresh and creative.