Chris & Kelsey’s Romantic Elopement

Today we share a romantic elopement story that took place in New York City where Kelsey and Chris met, fell in love and shared three wonderful years together before deciding to tie the knot. Instead of an elaborate wedding, which they initially had planned in Michigan, they realised that an intimate civil ceremony in their favourite city, with the support of their friends and family would be much more cherished. The day was exactly as they wished it would be and it ended on an even higher note as Anne-Claire joined in after the ceremony to take some happy snaps of the newly-weds. Kelsey wore a chic off-white dress that was perfectly suited for the occasion and paired her look with a romantic braided hairstyle. The smitten groom, Chris was only too happy to share this intimate day with his lady, as they revisited all their favourite spots in the big apple.

How did you meet and how did he pop the question?

In 2009, I moved from Michigan to New York City and began working at a cafe in a Borders bookstore. Chris was one of the managers in the store, and he stopped by for so many cups of coffee, which I learned was not a coincidence. We started walking to the train together after work and the conversation was never forced or awkward and every time I spent time with him, I never wanted it to stop. We started dating and three years later, he asked me to marry him at the East River Park in Williamsburg overlooking the Manhattan skyline. He and my dad are both useless during phone conversations, so he sent my dad a long email beforehand, explaining that he was going to pop the question and said a thousand sweet things, and my dad replied with an equally sweet email, and Chris pulled up both emails to show me in the precious moments right after I said “yes!”.

What are your most memorable moments of the day?

We went to a diner earlier in the morning with our two witnesses and we ordered a round of Bloody Mary’s and had breakfast and it was a great way to relax and really enjoy each other’s company before the ceremony. Chris and I wrote our own vows and that personal touch made the ceremony exactly what we wanted. We were obviously so ecstatic to be married, and that “marriage high” was definitely captured in our photos since we met up with Anne-Claire about an hour later to take pictures in one of our favourite places in New York City – the Brooklyn Bridge and its park. Looking back through all of the photos still brings such a smile to our faces as we remember that perfect day.
…when I look back at our photos, I don’t see two people who are way too dolled up, I see Chris and I in our element, totally in love. That’s what the day is about – you’re marrying the love of your life!