Celebratory Flags

Today’s DIY Free printable is such a quick and easy ‘little’ extra you can do for a wedding (or any other celebration). I love these celebratory flags we’ve made  for a client and thought I’d share it with our Pretty Blog readers today! Place these cute flags in glass jars or spike them in the grass (if you have an outdoor wedding), and preferably near your confetti stand/table. Guests can then happily ‘wave’ the newly married couple in!

For this project you will need neutral coloured paper (we used biodegradable papers), glue gun or any liquid glue, dowel sticks and your flags. The dowel sticks can be purchased from any hardware store. They come in various width sizes… I suggest rather using the 3mm or thinner.  Have them cut to length – about 45cm.

Download the artwork files. Please note that this is an A3 page size, but you can easily fit the page to print to A4. With a NT cutter and steel ruler, cut flags along the dotted grey lines. Flip around and add a small line of glue on the short edge. Place your dowel stick, press down and leave to dry for at least 12 hours.

Happy crafting everyone!

Nancy, Creatus Design

Photo Credits – Desmond Louw