Gert & Karolien’s Carnival Wedding

New Year’s celebrations are around the corner and with that in mind we bring your this carnival-inspired wedding by Belgian Wesley Nulens Photography.Gert and Karolien tied the knot in Geetbets, Belgium, on a hot, sunny day. The couple wanted something relaxed and a little fun, so they opted for a lighthearted, festive theme.
To create the look they dreamed of they included the whole family. Karolien’s mom worked really hard to sew the flags, tablecloths and napkins. But all the hard work paid off, creating an abundant street festival look.

Tell us your love story.

We met at an after work party in Hasselt. We started emailing one another, and I was impressed by the emails that I got from Gert, they were really funny.

What were the highlights of your wedding day?

The ceremony by far. It was the most romantic moment I’ve ever had in my entire live. I was overwhelmed with joy. The ceremony was outside under a very large tree, filled with white ribbons, the wind was whispering through the leaves, frogs were making noises in the pond near us, while the choir was singing our special songs. I think if my heart could have exploded at that moment it would have exploded.

Any advice for brides-to-be?

Relax. If some things are not done or not ready at your wedding day, just let it be and enjoy your day, because it goes so fast, it’s over before you know it.

Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently?

Our family and especially my mother worked really hard to give us a fantastic wedding. At the wedding my mother was extremely tired because of the hard work. Knowing this, I would have started earlier with the preparation of the wedding so my mother wouldn’t be so tired at the wedding.

Did your wedding include any DIY projects?

I think we did a pretty good job by doing the decoration ourselves. Gert’s mom made little flags to hang out all over the place, made jam for all our guest to take home as a kind of souvenir. My mom sewed all the tablecloths, the napkins (we had almost 260 guests), made napkin rings, candlesticks, pillows to put on bales of straw, made little barrels with circus signs on them, made the dresses for my little flower girls. An uncle of Gert made big wooden plates to put under the normal plates, big wooden flamingos to put by the pound. My dad painted the big wooden plates and the flamingos. He made peep-through boards, and a very big pole with a beautiful bird on top of it, to hang our lights on.He also made signposts.