Bryan & Dominique – The Book of Love

Today is a public holiday in South Africa. Which means it’s a long weekend for most people. But for those of you who have to work (like us here at The Pretty Blog), we have this beautiful wedding coordinated by Evegenia Poplett from Splendid Affairs.
Bryan and Dominique said their vows on a perfect spring day in September at the beautiful Shepstone Gardens in Johannesburg. Dror Eyal was behind the lens to capture their big day.

Your story …

It was an office romance and it took two South Africans moving all the way to the London office (of Standard Bank) to meet and fall in love! We were working on a deal together – Standard Bank was purchasing a Russian investment bank, Troika Dialog – and it became love over a spreadsheet. On our first date Bryan took me to a gorgeous little French restaurant called La Cave and was really trying to pull out all the stops – ordering bottles of champagne etc. At the end of the meal he discovered that he had left his wallet at home so I had to pick up the tab (a 200 pound restaurant bill after all the champagne!!!).

So how did he pop the question?

Bryan had moved back to South Africa seven months before me but I had to stay on to finish my Master’s so we were doing long distance for a while – lots of Skype!!! On the day of my last exam, I woke up early to the door bell ringing. I was really annoyed because I thought it was my neighbour who I had been having an ongoing argument with because she always complained my TV was on too loud and I really didn’t feel like dealing with her on the day of my last exam. So I just turned over and ignored the door bell. The bell carried on ringing so I eventually got out of bed all grumpy only to discover Bryan on the doorstep with pain aux raisins and coffee! He had flown over to surprise me. I still didn’t think anything though because he told me he had flown over to spend my last weekend in London with me. He told me that he was taking me out to dinner that night after my exam somewhere as a surprise. After my exam, we were in a cab and I saw that we were on our way to the area that the French restaurant was that we had our first date. When we got there, Bryan told me we had come back there because he wanted to take me out to dinner again there properly and this time pick up the bill! I stupidly still didn’t suspect anything – Bryan is such a romantic and so spontaneous that anything is possible with him! The first time I got a hint of something going on was when he kept on going to the bathroom with his jacket on despite it being a very warm July evening. After our main he got down on one knee and popped the question in the restaurant – I obviously said yes and it was just magical!!! The best part was afterwards when I discovered that he had organised for all my friends to meet us somewhere to celebrate. I was supposed to be having my farewell that evening and he had got hold of my best friend to re-arrange the whole thing and the two of them had been in cahoots the whole time. So I arrived at the pub after the dinner to our own little impromptu engagement party – it was really wonderful!

How does your wedding reflect your personalities?

Our wedding was totally us – it was romantic, quirky, relaxed and fun! I think the focus on the guests and making sure they were looked after (with lots of booze and food and good music) was indicative of how important our friends and family are to us and how the day was really a celebration of our love with our nearest and dearest. It was less important for it to be stiff and formal and perfect – it was important that everyone had fun and remembered it for being a celebration.