Lydia’s Bridal Shower {Inspiration}

Kitchen teas (or bridal showers) are one of those special occasions where you get the opportunity to spoil, affirm and tell that amazing friend, or in my case a sister, how special she really is. When my sister Lydia got engaged, the one thing I wanted was to organise a beautiful kitchen tea for her. A day that represented her beauty and gorgeous smile. However, a kitchen tea can be a pricey affair, but we decided to keep the decor minimalistic and all DIY. The DIY projects mainly involved paper products and some other fun items that can be seen in the photos below. The cost of the bridal shower was no more than R 500. We spray-painted old chutney and jam bottle.
The origami flowers were made out of old books that I picked up for R 5. The paper “bunting” was made from the origami off-cuts. We also added a roll of brown paper, and a few fresh flowers. The egg shells are also a cheap alternative to vases and flower arrangements. And so the list goes on …I really enjoyed planning my little sister’s kitchen tea and thought I would share some ideas with you. So if you are in the process of planning one of these for a friend or sister, then see all my hints and tips at the end of the post.