Black is Beautiful

We’ve always known that the ‘little black dress’ contributes significant value to any woman’s wardrobe. Today we take a look at the notion of  a black inspired wedding. Yes, this colour might not be every bride’s first choice when walking down the aisle, but there is something so mysterious, alluring and at the same time feminine about this dark hue. To illustrate this concept, the talented Heike from Fleur Le Cordeur used her creative handy work to put together this gorgeous styled shoot using hues of black against the strong contrast of soft pastels. This picture perfect story was captured by the renowned Catherine Mac.

Tell us more about what inspired you for this shoot?

I have always been intrigued with black wedding dresses, and the bride that chooses to get married in one. Black is such a strong statement, and have always been associated as a dark bold colour that I decided to try and show black in a different light, as a beautiful, pretty, feminine colour. This could only be achieved by toning it down with very soft pastel flowers and a gorgeous model. We had no definite pre-set idea, we created as we went along, played and played until we got the look that we wanted.
… we came up with the concept that we want the everyday bride-to be to look at black in a different way, not in a Gothic, dark themed manner, but rather that a gracious and elegant wedding can emerge even if your wedding dress is black.