Bespoke Wedding Registry Opens Online Showroom

One of the things that I looked forward to the most when I was planning my wedding, was setting up a gift registry. I dreamed about that movie moment when my then fiancé and I could walk into a shop, and scan homeware products to our hearts content. Sadly we didn’t really have that many stores to choose from, and there were a few hiccups during the process that made it a bit unpleasant. Laura Hau, owner of Bespoke Wedding Registry, found herself in a very similar situation when she married her South African husband. This experience gave her the idea to launch a tailored wedding registry service to South Africans, giving couples a wider choice as well as a more enjoyable experience during this special time. Laura created a list of her favourite brands, both local and international, and partnered with them to offer clients an array of the finest homeware.

Bespoke Wedding Registry has created such a stir among Cape Town brides that they are now expanding their website to include an online showroom. From mid-September Johannesburg and Durban couples will now also have access to Bespoke’s beautiful range of handpicked products.  If you’re a fan, make sure you follow Bespoke Registry on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, as they are giving away a beautifully wrapped and delivered gift every month. This month they are giving away the taupe Mungo Grecian Hand towels with navy stripes!