Austrian Elegance in The Laxenburg Palace Gardens

With their families and friends coming from Sweden, Poland and Austria, this couple chose to tie the knot in the beautiful Palace Gardens of Laxenburg, just outside of Vienna. Their ceremony was held in the park with a gorgeous view on the lake. The colour palette of peach, rosé, green and brassy gold carried through the entire event, tying everything together in splendid style. Beautifully captured by photographer, Tony Gigov.

Their Story 

Angelo and I met six years ago through Twitter. We met at a so called “Twittagessen”, which was basically a tweet-up in our hometown Vienna. The first few times we saw each other, I found him slightly annoying, because he was joking around all the time. After two or three months not hearing from one other, I got a text message saying: “Want to have breakfast?”. Since I didn’t know his number and he didn’t want to tell me who he was, I was curious and something told me to go to the suggested destination to find out. And there he was. From that time on I saw him with different eyes. We enjoyed breakfast that day with a lot of Uhudler sparkling wine, which is an Austrian speciality. That’s why our wedding guests got it as a welcome drink – it is a signature drink for our relationship.

There was not really a proposal. We are not a couple that is romantic in the classical way.  We had been talking about getting married a few times and on our vacation in Croatia, and one day we both decided we’d do it. I even chose my engagement ring myself, which is pretty awesome and I can recommend it to every girl.

We share a lot of interests as a couple. We both love good food, wine and we are both interested in IT and science and so we have a lot to talk about, which is the most important thing in a relationship.

The Style 

We both love design, typography and all that comes with it. We wanted to have a wedding with beautiful design that carried through from beginning to end – from the Save the Date cards to the guests’ arrival and their leaving. We hired a graphic designer to do all the stationery, menu cards and invitations. 

To start with we decided on four main colours as the palette for the wedding: peach, rosé, green and brassy gold. We wanted the wedding to have a festive (but not flashy) feel. We both love nature and light, so the chosen colours suited our personalities. We chose opulent flowers with a lot of greenery. We wanted it to look as though they’d been randomly picked from the garden and naturally yet thoughtfully arranged.

Memorable Moments 


The best moment for me was the ceremony at the lake, with the beautiful location and the voice of Ola Egbowon, who was singing at the ceremony and also later with the band at the party.


When I stepped out of the car and saw the whole scene with the beautiful lake, the tree and the hanging fabric. I was so nervous. Everyone was waiting and looking at us. Ola began to sing “I’ll be there” from Jackson 5 and I got tears in my eyes, because everything was so perfect.

The Dress 

My dress was my absolute dream. I saw it a few years ago, at the time when Angelo and I met. To be honest, I never wanted to get married, but I swore to myself that if I ever got married I’d wear that dress.  It’s an older model from Vera Wang, named “Gillian”. Although I roamed through different wedding stores, I couldn’t get the dress out of my head. It was difficult to get it, because no one in Vienna or Austria was selling Vera Wang gowns, so I ordered it from the Netherlands.

The Tips 

The only tips I can give to people who are planning their wedding – there are three things you should never ever try to save money on:  the photographer, the catering and the music. Even if your wedding gown is not expensive, you should focus on those things, because in the end those things create memories. 

Involve service providers that you get on well with. We had an incredible team working on this wedding –  our photographer, our wedding planner, the stylist, the band, everyone built this great experience for us, which I will forever be thankful for.