Celebrating The Rich History Of A Breathtaking Ancient City

This styled shoot showcased everything we love about exotic destinations – the vibrant colours, intricate architecture and deep historic roots. From the love story that inspired the shoot, to the touching details added by the diverse creative team, this Andalusian shoot brought the ancient Iberian coast to life. We were totally captivated by the contrast between the dry sandstone buildings and the lively orange trees, so distinctively Spanish. Definitely look out for the bride’s striking golden headpiece! 

What inspired this shoot?

We love Andalusia for it’s fascinating mixture of breathtaking natural surroundings and rich cultural heritage. This piece of the earth was shaped by the history and identity of the religions and ethnicities which passed through the area and whose influence created the stunning aesthetics and architecture. This is also where the story of Boabdil, the last sultan of Granada, and his only wife, Morayma, took place. After their wedding they didn’t see each other for nearly two years, as he was in Christian captivity and she had to flee from their home, though she waited for him until he returned.

Their love story, one of solitude which stood the test of time and crossed such great distances, inspired us to do this styled shoot. We wanted to showcase a wonderful bride, filled with hope, love and strength while longingly waiting for her husband in the breathtaking Andalusian scenery.

Achieving the look

For this styled shoot we worked with partners from Russia, Germany and Spain. Laura Hertel, from Schleifenfänger, provided us with this beautiful lace dress featured in her new collection. Marina Miller, a Russian wedding accessories designer based in Berlin, created a handmade headdresses from the lace of her own wedding dress – coincidently the same as the lace in Laura’s dress. Olga de Navas, a wedding planner from Cádiz, gave us access to this wonderful location and a bundled bouquet in the Andalusian style. Rosario, Carolina and David – a stylist team from Jeréz de la Frontera – created the fantastic make-up and hair for our model. Julia, a designer from Cologne, created paper items in the local style.