Retro, Desert-Inspired Anniversary Shoot!

Photographer Claudia De Nobrega and her husband, Ricardo, recently celebrated their seven year anniversary by spending the day in front of Julia Winkler’s lens to commemorate their commitment to each other. Filled with soft pink and green touches, this beautiful day was filled with retro romance and out-of-this-world landscapes! We asked Claudia to tell us how it all came together. 

Our Shoot

We wanted to do something very special in honour of our seven year wedding anniversary. Our inspiration was to celebrate our love, marriage and our special anniversary! The number seven is represented in the bible as very significant – it took God seven days to create all things with great love. Ricardo and I both believe in celebrating marriage and honouring this beautiful thing called love. 

Seven years ago, The Pretty Blog featured our wedding and we were so excited to hear that our anniversary shoot would also be featured on our favourite South African blog! We wanted a day filled with nature, the outdoors – full of life and greenery. Julia, our incredibly talented photographer from Germany, found this gorgeous location in Robertson, that had the feel of something out of Africa. A rare beauty, filled with different types of cactus plants and gorgeous greenery. Our styling was very soft, with subtle colours of light olive green, white and tan. Julia made the whole experience very special and we are just so grateful to have our day captured in such a beautiful way, filled with love and emotion.

Words of advice

Some advice to married couples – never forget the honeymoon feeling. Ignite your marriage with surprises, love letters, words of affirmation and do small things with great love. Marriage is a life of seasons. You will encounter challenges and the unexpected, but the most important thing is to remain united because your spouse is your best friend. In this way, you keep the emotional intimacy and communication open to discuss your thoughts, goals, plans, dreams and every day life. There is honour in respect and kindness and it does not cost a cent, but the reward is so great.

It’s the small things

We laugh about silly things. We hug and hold hands when we go out. We hide chocolates underneath our pillows as small surprises. We text each other I love you every day. We kiss each other goodbye in the morning before we go off to work. Marriage is team work. It’s the most beautiful gift to marry your best friend and share your lives.