They Were Married in The Clarens Mountains

This couple tied the knot in the magical mountains in Clarens. Her dress was dreamy and feminine, and the couple and their family put a lot of effort into the personal touches and DIY elements of the big day. A delightful celebration captured by GingerAle Photography. 

Their Story 

We met in 2005, in front of my school – he is one of my brother’s best friends. I always had a crush on him and our paths crossed a few times over the years, but we were always at different stages of life. But he was always in my mind, and in my heart! 

One day I called him out of the blue to catch up and since that conversation in October 2012 we’ve never looked back. Two years later he surprised me with a proposal. 

It was a Friday afternoon and he was over at my place. I was a bit under the weather so he ran me a bath and made dinner. When I got out the bath I found him on his knees in the living area, surrounded by candles and delicious food – it was an absolute surprise! He had flown to see my parents two weeks before to ask their permission. It was such a special moment. 

The Style 

Our wedding was DIY. I love to use what I have, and to make it in something unique.

Memorable Moments

Memorable moments include crying with my mother while getting ready and getting dressed in front of a loving audience – it was a moment filled with love and laughter. Seeing my dad and getting ready to walk down the aisle – I held tightly onto his arm and he assured me everything was going to be alright which helped to calm the nerves. Seeing Zach for the first time, kissing when we were officially married, the guests greeting us at the altar. And our first dance… I always wanted a big dress, so it was a challenge, but a good challenge to dance in it. 

The Dress

I’d describe it as “simplicity with a wow factor.” I had an idea of what I wanted but when I went to a dress fitting with my mom I chose something totally different to what I originally planned. I went for my very first dress fitting a few days before the wedding and I was so happy with it. 

The Budget 

Because we made a lot of things, we did manage to cut a lot of costs. I would say – have priorities and spend on those. Mine was my dress and photographer. 


There was a lot of DIY in this wedding! Some of our DIYs included: 

We collected empty bottles and painted them white, green and gold for use as part of the décor. My mother made a chandelier out of green bottles and a rustic rope

My dad is an apple farmer, so I wanted to use as much as possible with what we had, and not had to buy everything. We sprayed about 1300 apples gold, and sprinkled gold glitter on them, we used them in our décor and on the tables. I made vintage name tags and attached them to an apple at each guest’s seat. We built a display wall out of wooden apple crates. 

I bought a secondhand mirror and painted it – we wrote the menu on it. I bought a couch and painted it white, and that was our ‘guestbook.’ I sealed it and it features in our house now – it was such fun to read everything after the wedding!

We had homemade Gluwein for pre drinks, pizza cones, soup and we had a potato twirl truck. 

We made the cake stand that was hanging out of the roof, and the hanger with the flowers above the main table.