A Bohemian Dune Delight

When we think of a bohemian goddess we imagine a whimsical dress, bold blooms, romance and relaxation and a landscape of crisp sand dunes – the creative team who put together today’s feature have encapsulated our boho daydream.

The Shoot:

To create a simple and clean shoot we needed a backdrop with a strong, yet clean presence. I decided on the dunes just outside Atlantis and a desert safari immediately came to mind. The idea was to create an intimate desert safari with romantic elements of mints, marsala and copper. The objective at all times was to incorporate the beautiful and clean landscape.

We built a canopy, in what felt like the middle of nowhere, and dressed it with some greenery, and some mint and white draping. A small, vintage marble-top table served as the base of our table scape. We used a marsala and red Persian carpet, using pillows to complement and set the mood for an intimate bohemian celebration. Instead of flowers we used fruit (grapes and pomegranates) to complement the landscape and the inspiration of a desert safari.

The stationery has two varieties : copper foiling on a clean and simple canvas; mint and marsala stained design on a clean and simple canvas. Elaine Blom made this dress especially for the shoot and named it Carlotta.