Long-time Love Captured in True Blue Style

It’s a story of long-time love and mutual adoration – for the ocean, the beach and for one another. We love this couple’s story and we really love the stylish and striking blue scene that was set for their yacht club engagement session. 

Their Story

Shayne and I are high school sweethearts. I was 15 when our paths first crossed in the corridors at school and after sharing endless shy glances and many excuses to talk to each other, my heart near exploded when we shared our first kiss. Weeks later, love was certainly in the air when Shayne called to invite me along with his family for the summer holidays. I loved spending time getting to know him and his family. We both knew our relationship was destined to be phenomenal. 

What are Shayne’s best qualities?

He never fails to amaze me, everyday there’s something new that makes me love him even more than the day before. His infectious smile and generous heart steals me daily. He is always willing to give me his very best and never fails to make me feel like a princess.


What do you love most about about Chelsea?

Her beauty stole my heart from the moment I locked eyes on her. Her humour leaves me in tears of laughter and she knows just how to bring a smile to my face. Her faith and love for God is so strong and tangible, always pursuing His will and direction for her life. I absolutely love this about her. She has a heart of gold, always willing to go the extra mile for those she loves, and always encouraging and speaking life into people.

She is my perfect Fiancé. 

The Proposal

Shayne and I have been spent plenty of weekends away – I think he’d deliberately been trying to throw me off track. Smart man.

This particular weekend we were up along the coast and decided to go for a walk along the beach to enjoy the beautiful sunset. Shayne pretended to forget something and told me to walk ahead while he went back to the room. After a while, I turned back and saw him walking toward me in a crisp white shirt and pale blue blazer. When he reached me, he dropped to his knee and held out a white shell filled with pure beach sand and nestled in the centre, the perfect ring. He started to tell me about the beauty he sees in me, how much he loves me and how he wants to spend forever with me. The tears, the raw emotion, the moment, it was all perfect. Of course I said yes!

When we walked back and climbed the stairs to our villa, the balcony had been perfectly set out with rose petals, lanterns and a burning fire – cheese and champagne chilled with a red velvet cake complete with our initials.


The Inspiration Behind the Shoot

“We cannot control the wind but we can direct the sails”

Myself and Shayne both share a love for the ocean and the beach. We wanted an engagement shoot that reflected this but with a slightly different take, so we opted for the Royal Yacht Club. It’s a beautiful location, set at the foot of Table Mountain, next to the ocean with the Cape skyline providing a scenic backdrop. It allowed me to dress a little smarter than I would have had we been on the beach and also allowed us to celebrate the occasion with a glass of bubbly.