7 Registry Items That Will Stand The Test of Time

Getting married is surely one of the most exciting and exhilarating life events. During the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding, it is easy to consume your time and fill your mind with only wedding arrangements. Of course, organising your special day to the finest little detail, is worthwhile, but one can easily forget to think further ahead. Your wedding day is only the beginning of your lives together. What comes after that, is the real adventure. Enjoying a cup of coffee every morning before work, inviting friends over for dinner, surprising your loved one with a homemade meal, and enjoying a glass of wine after a long week. To make sure that you and your fiancé’s future home will be equipped with the most exquisite essentials, it is important to sort through your collection of home and cookware, before the wedding, and make a list of all the things you need and secretly wish for. Yuppiechef’s Wedding Gift Registry offers the perfect solution for a newlywed couple, to build up a selection of desirable kitchen and home essentials. With the easy online registry your friends and family don’t even have to go out of the house to buy you a special and practical wedding gift.

1. KitchenAid StandMixer

An absolute favourite on Yuppiechef’s Gift Registry, is the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer. This product is any foodie’s dream, making the art of cooking easy and attainable. The Kitchenaid mixer comes in a range of different styles and colours, so there will surely be one according to your taste. The mixer enables effortless ingredient mixing and with a range of attachments, the possibilities in the kitchen are endless. The mixer is not only multifunctional, but it will add to the visual appeal of your kitchen.

2. Magimix Food Processor

A favourite on Yuppiechef’s Gift Registry, is the Magimix Food Processor. This piece of equipment will become your best friend in the kitchen. It can literally do anything, from chopping, grating, mixing, slicing, kneading, whisking and liquidising. This magical machine is easy to use and with all of its functions it is sure to inspire even the most novice of cooks.

3. Peugeot Balatz Lever Corkscrew

Another essential item that we suggest putting on your registry list, is the Baltaz Lever Corkscrew. It is specially designed to fit any size bottle and the powerful lever system will ensure that you can open a bottle of wine in mere seconds. With all of the kitchen tools and homeware items on your wishlist, this will be something that your husband can appreciate.

4. Le Creuset Cocotte

The crème de la crème of kitchen essentials. You can never go wrong with Le Creuset. The 4.2L Round Cocotte is a good starting point for your collection. This Le Creuset casserole is perfect for simmering, boiling, stewing and it is beautiful enough to serve delicious dishes in, straight from the oven to the table. The cast iron is durable, hygienic and it distributes heat evenly, to ensure that your dishes are perfectly cooked throughout.

5. Noritake Arctic White Dinner Service

‘Trends come and go but style is eternal’ so consider it wise to invest in a simple and classic white crockery set like the elegant Noritake Arctic White Dinner Service range. Not only will it be a practical buy, but the versatility of the set will make it easy to glam up for fancy dinner parties and birthdays.Just combine your trusty white dinner set with colourful and trendy decorative table items to create a completely different look.

6. Peugeot Ibis Mouth Blown Decanter

The Peugeot Ibis Mouth Blown Decanter is definitely also a ‘must-have’ item. The design of this sleek glass decanter ensures that as you pour your wine into a glass, it becomes exposed to a stream of air that smooths out the wine and delicately awakens every aroma. This nifty tool is perfect for entertaining guests and the elegant shape will certainly complement a stylishly set table.

7. Espro Coffee Press

One of the items that caught our attention is the Espro Coffee Press. The two micro filters assures a clear and delicious cup of French pressed coffee, putting your old little plunger to shame. The micro filtered coffee maker can be used to make a variety of coffees, loose leaf teas, and other beverages that require straining.  Furthermore, the double-walled, stainless steel finishing will keep the coffee warm for longer, making sure that the second and third cup of coffee tastes just as good as the first.