#4: The Invitations {Planning a Wedding}

Today we look at invitations, the first impression. It not only conveys all the important information to your guests, but it is also a taste of what guests can expect at your wedding. The wonderful thing is that you can get really creative. Invitations, these days, come in all shapes and sizes and there’s no right or wrong way to go about them. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing an invitation. Anelle from Seven Swans gives us a few hints and tips:

  • Invitations are sent out 4-2 months before the wedding, with the RSVP date between 4 and 6 weeks before your special day. Remember that if you are inviting 200 guests, couples only get one invitation so it would usually be about 120-140 invitations (depending on how many singles you are inviting). For about 120 guest, usually we print about 80 just to give you an idea.
  • Always print a few extra for in case you missed someone and for you as a keepsake!
  • A good ballpark figure for wedding invitations are about R35, remember that this is what a mass produced card at CNA will cost you, so the price is actually great considering you get a custom design made specially for you! There are always ways to cut on costs so do ask your stationer for advise before thinking that special stationery doesn’t fall in your budget.
  • Important things to list on your wedding invitation is the date and time, venue for the ceremony as well as reception and RSVP date with details. You can also consider adding a map with directions, list of accommodation or extra information eg “adult reception only”.
  • Think about formats… will it fold and if yes, only a 2 fold or maybe 3 fold? Will it fold to postcard size or do you want a long card? Or if you want to just have single cards it can be DL (210mm x 99mm), A6 or perhaps square. Another beautiful size is 184mm x 133mm but to save on cost rather go with sizes that fit into normal store brought envelopes.
Here’s our tip: To save on printing cost opt for an e-invite, or supplement your invitation with a wedding website (which we will discuss later). Here you can share all the details like suggestions for accommodation and directions to the church and venue etc.

   Katy & Stephen’s Aussie invitation, Liza & Nico’s Bicycle invitation, Andrew and Tracey’s e-invite, Light blue film invitation and Bonnie & Antonie’s illustrated invitation all by Seven Swans This intricately cut out flower made by Doodles Laser doesn’t look like an invite but it actually was. The couple had a very small intimate wedding and wanted to give their guests something very special, it was packaged in a beautiful box that the bride made  Yellow laser cut invitation by Doodles Laser  Passport, Mountain Biking and Oyster Catcher Invitations all by Susan Brand Design

   Fingerprint invitation by Grapevine Design    Join us in the woods invitation by Wood & Grain 

 Red and blue invitations, windpomp invitation and beer bottle invitation all designed by Nooi

Digital Invitations for Abby & Marcus and red and black invitations all by Lovely Letters

  Record invitation by designed by Erwin Bindeman.