What to Pack: Spain

What to Pack: Spain {Travel Fashion}

As winter starts making an increasing appearance over the coming weeks, many will be considering warmer destinations abroad for mid-year getaways. But the shops are filled with winter wares making it a little harder to find summer vacation inspiration. Here are a few all-weather staples, still on the shelves, that will be all you need for a fashionable summer suitcase!

Today’s post has been especially created for one of our readers who will be travelling around Spain!

“I will be travelling in and around Spain for a month in May, but don’t want to be lugging an enormous suitcase around with me. I have read that the Spanish tend to dress more ‘smart’ than ‘casual’ and was wondering if you have any advice on packing for such a long time with heavy weight restrictions?”Keri

Thanks Keri for your request. I did a little research about the sunny destination and have whipped up the following “what to pack” just for you!

The climate of Spain varies across the country. The Mediterranean climate, for which it is most famous, is located predominantly near the Iberian border and characterised by dry and warm summers. The oceanic climate is located in the northern part of the country and the semi-arid climate is located in the southeastern part of the country.

May is a great time to visit Spain as temperatures stay mainly in a comfortable region between 19 and 24 degrees Celsius throughout the country. But strong winds are common in the popular Mediterranean climate destinations, so steer clear of floaty dresses and skirts.

If you’re travelling light and for an extended period you can’t go wrong with silk. When properly folded, silk garments take up very little space in a suitcase – ideal for long vacations abroad. In addition to being lightweight for warm summer days, silk is generally regarded as a luxury fabric, making it ideal for a country where jeans and t-shirts just won’t cut it.

To avoid feeling over-dressed, pair silk pants and dresses with classic cotton shirts and fine-knit cardigans you should already have in your closet.

The trick with travelling light is also to dress up the garments you wear during the day with evening appropriate accessories like heels. I tend to go a step further and select a single pair of leather flats and heels in the same hue. Not only does it make it easy to transform an outfit from day to night, but they’ll go with just about everything else in your suitcase as well. A matching leather sling bag will also serve you well while travelling, a great place to keep your travel documents, wallet, phone and camera.

Finally, while you can expect mild warm weather you’ll need to prepare for those Mediterranean winds, southeasterly air currents that originate over North Africa. A lightweight trench with rolled sleeves makes for a fashionable travel cover-up and will shield you from the strong breeze at your destination.

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