What to Pack: Thailand

What to Pack: Thailand {Travel Fashion}

There are few destinations that are both affordable and beautiful, Thailand is one of them. A South African traveler’s paradise, Thailand is the go-to holiday spot for everyone from students to newlyweds. The culture, pristine beaches and magnificent sights make it an easy choice for those looking for a relaxing holiday or a new adventure. Whether you’re headed to Thailand for its beaches, nightlife or historical attractions, here’s what you’ll need…

Thailand’s climate is one of its biggest draw cards as a tourist destination. With temperatures warm and humid all year round, you’ll want to pack lightweight clothes that won’t leave you hot and sticky. In Thailand there’s no need to dress to impress so take the opportunity to be bold and comfortable in bright cotton shorts, tees and summer dresses.

After a long day shopping at the markets or snorkeling on the coast, you’ll want to freshen up with a dive in the hotel pool. Make sure you bring more than one bikini, particularly if you’re regularly heading to the beach.

Thailand is a great place to pick up cheap wares so come prepared with a foldable tote. Skip the usual knockoffs and stick to traditional purchases like incense, essential oils and Thai silk. They also make beautiful fans, pillows and eastern figurines if you’re looking for gifts. If this is your first visit to Thailand, always remember to barter!

In addition to carrying new purchases in your tote, make sure to always carry a bottle of mineral water and some tissues. Thailand’s water isn’t safe to drink and their public bathrooms in markets often don’t have toilet paper. A bottle of waterless hand sanitizer is a handy extra especially if you want to try out some street food, one of Thailand’s most interesting experiences.

Finally, while the sun isn’t as harsh in this part of the world, pack a light sunscreen for long days spent outdoors. With the tropical climate you’ll also want to bring along some good quality mosquito repellent to prevent coming home riddled with bites!

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