One-Of-A-Kind Canary Island Adventure

Island hopping is the ideal tropical destination bucket list and Gran Canaria is one of those spots you’ll want to visit over and over again because of the serene calm and tranquil beauty. We asked photographer, Chymo, to tell us about her trip to one of Spain’s Canary Islands and for some tips on exploring this historic destination.

This is my travel essay, taken during my trip to Gran Canaria. These islands are located south of Europe, next to the African continent. It’s deserted, remote and one-of-a-kind. – Chymo, photographer

About the trip

We stayed at different parts of the island throughout the trip but one of the most memorable stays was Fataga, a tiny village located in the middle of the island in the mountains. Fataga can trace its origin back to more than 2000 years ago, when the area was inhabited by the Guanche natives. It’s also the starting point of several popular hikes. Another really wonderful place was a small beach called Tasarte – we stayed there for two days and had the beach totally to ourselves. Though it’s not as convenient as Puerto De Mogan, which serves as a base for diving and whale-watching trips, this beach was so quiet and peaceful it felt like it belonged only to us.

The Sights

One of the best experiences was watching the sunset over the sand dunes in Playa del Inglés in Maspalomas. It’s difficult to explain, but there was something about that soft, golden light filling in the sky and falling on the dunes – desperately romantic. Myth has it that these dunes were brought by the wind from Sahara, thousands of years ago, across the Atlantic Ocean. 

Did anything unexpected happen on your travels?

A huge volcanic rock called Roque Nublo is situated at the top of the second highest peak of the island, 1813m above sea level. At such a high altitude, we spotted two kittens hanging around the rock, playing hide and seek with tourists and asking for food. I’m used to seeing goats on top of mountains, but the kittens were definitely a first!

Tips for other travellers

Definitely rent a car, since public transport is not the most convenient on the island. It will save you so much hassle and time. Though, don’t trust the navigation system 100% the time. If the road looks sketchy, perhaps try a different route – we ran into the situation one day where the road just disappeared and driving became impossible unless we had a 4-wheel drive!