How to Plan a Green Summer Holiday

Although summers are hot and humid here on the east coast, they are my absolute favourite time of the year. From the Berg to the bush to the beach, KwaZulu-Natal is green and bursting with life. Summer just spells holidays. Have you planned your end-of-year holiday yet? Here are some green ideas for making the most of your time off.

Be a traveller in your own town, city or country

Summer holidays are a wonderful time for enjoying the sunny weather and great outdoors. Imagine you were showing a friend around your town, city or province. Where would you take them? Where have you been meaning to visit? Go do those things. Discover what’s in your own backyard.

Explore your parks and nature reserves

For holidays and day trips, visit your local nature reserves and national parks. Spending time in our reserves is vital to their continued existence. It shows that people value natural areas and it pours money into sustaining them. It also provides jobs, which benefits local communities.

Eat out at ethical restaurants

It’s such a treat to eat out. This year-end, when planning coffee dates or office functions, do some research ahead of time and support eateries that are doing good. Look for cafés that serve Fairtrade coffees and restaurants that provide SASSI-approved seafood and ethically-reared meat.

Experiment with greener rest and relaxation

Use your holidays as an opportunity to experiment with greener entertainment and leisure. Go for activities like picnicking, walking, swimming, sailing, kayaking, bicycle-riding, reading, bird-watching, photography, art etc. If done with thought, these activities have lower carbon emissions than motorised sports or wasteful entertainment.

Book Fairtrade holiday accommodation

Are you still deciding where you’re going on holiday? Why not be a responsible traveller and make it a holiday that gives back? The Fairtrade travel website has accommodation options from budget right through luxury at some beautiful holiday locations around South Africa.