The Magic of Travel

To travel and explore our wonderful planet is certainly one of the most enriching experiences a person can have. Discovering new cultures, landscapes, cuisines, people and stumbling upon new places are priceless.

As any seasoned traveller would tell you, organising an adventure to a foreign land can be quite a stressful affair. And even though there are many travel companies with tours at great rates, free spirited travellers often feel a bit constrained by the limited options and fixed itineraries on offer. Spontaneous, romantic journeys are pretty hard to beat. Founder of Obliko Morale, Yana Kemelman agrees, “I really like the fact that when you’re visiting London, you can hop on a train and be in Paris exactly two hours and 15 minutes later.”

Obliko Morale is a travel planning company that really offers it all. They specialise in creating customised, unique itineraries. You can trust them with the big things – like flights, hotels and car rental. And they can take the little things off your hands too – from recommending fabulous places to eat, to booking transportation, activities and guides. If you’d prefer to keep a few things flexible, that’s fine, too. Which means you can travel at a pace that suits you. So it’s the best of both! You don’t have to deal with the stressful and time-consuming part of comparing prices and doing bookings, but you still have the freedom associated with organising your own holiday.

I’ll always vividly remember how it felt to walk along a beautiful cobbled street in Europe for the very first time. Or how we drove through remote parts of Central America where the local people had hardly ever seen people from other countries. Or to wander through an Asian market full of wonderfully appetizing aromas that are totally different from anything you’d find back home, even in an Asian restaurant. To those who tell me they don’t have time to take a vacation, I say: just go. Everything else can wait!

Here’s how it works. One of Yana’s clients recently asked her to suggest countries to visit in South America in early spring. She made a selection of best countries for their 10 day trip. Some of the suggestions were Chile visiting Santiago followed by Easter Island or Atacama Desert for a few days, relaxing in Colchagua wine country before heading home. Ecuador visiting Quito, spending a week exploring Galapagos Islands was also a possible destination. Peru was another option visiting Cusco for a few days, followed by exploring Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, before heading to Lima do a trip to Lake Titicaca and fly over Nazca Lines. The client chose to go to Chile. So you see, Yana and her team does all the legwork for you, all you have to do is to relax and enjoy!
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