Lush Green Hills,
a Hut and a Hound

With the holidays well on the way, we sincerely hope that you are either lying on a beach somewhere or relaxing at home with friends or family. If you’re not, then we have a little holiday inspiration for you. Take your mind off things and have a look at these beautiful pictures. Andrea Kuhnis, her husband and their dog, Erol take us on a journey to the The Beach Hut situated on the gentle-sloping, lush-green hills of Cornwall, England.

Inspiration for the Trip

My husband and I needed some time on our own. We both have busy lives so a trip like this gives us a chance to catch up. The two week trip was a time for some peace and quiet. It was also the first trip with our dog, Errol — he loved the adventure.

The Trip

Cornwall, England would be the destination for our getaway this year. Initially we decided to go to Scotland, but realised that it would be too rough on Erol – and we had already been to Scotland before anyway. So, we decided on a new adventure.
We travelled from Switzerland to Calais in France, then went with the ferry over to Dover in England. After that, we drove along the coast and inland to Cornwall. I booked a beach house called The Beach Hut, in Widemouth Bay, just south of Bude, which is in the northern part of Cornwall.
The Beach Hut houses two people and has direct access to a stone beach. This little cottage was built in 1929 as a tea house and renovated into a holiday house that offers a magical getaway. We went to sleep and awoke to the sound of the ocean — it was the peace we had been looking for.

The things that made memories

Shortly after we arrived at Land’s End, we were treated to a surprise Helicopter rescue exercise by the Royal Navy. There were some alarms that went off and we had to evacuate the building. A little bit unexpected, but a lot of fun in the end. We were amazed by the mystical feeling of the ocean with secluded footpaths leading to a lighthouses. When it was time to leave, Errol stood in front of the car with no intention of getting in. His eyes kept glancing at the footpaths that led to the ocean and back to us. He felt like us – his heart caught by the sound of the ocean.

Tips for the trip

I bought a Marco Polo Guidebook and watched some online documentaries of Cornwall in preparation for the trip. We made sure that we went either in Spring or Fall. Summer is crazy and it is a lot more effort to find a quiet place. Cornwall has a tremendous amount of interesting things on offer, but don’t get caught in a rush and try and see it all at once. When staying in a remote location, take the time to truly discover your surroundings. We had a great time in the charming town of Clovelly, a lot of fun fossil hunting at Fossil Bay and enjoyed the picturesque views of the Golden Hill in Shaftesbury.

Inventory for the trip

Raincoat, waterproof shoes and your travel camera.