Head into the Mountains of Slovenia!

Slovenia has long been on our bucket list of places to see and this wildwood adventure by Couple of Prague just confirmed what we already knew! The hills in the north-west part of this central European country are perfect for an early winter hiking and camping trip. 

Don’t miss these must-visit spots!

Bordering Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, it’s easy to get to Slovenia by train or bus. The capital, Ljubljana, is a must-visit if you enjoy beautiful architecture and is the perfect balance between historic culture and modern convenience.

Heading north-west, Trigalev National Park is the only national park in Slovenia. It’s named after the highest peak in the mountain range, considered one of the oldest parks in Europe and covers almost the entire Slovenian part of the Julian Alps. A well-kept secret of that area, until recently, is Lake Bled. Discovering this breathtaking town, home to the spectacular Bled Island, should be at the top of every European bucket list. Trust us, the Church of the Assumption and its bell tower are straight out of a fairytale! In the summer you can rent a boat or swim across, to get a closer look and perhaps even ring the bell – if you climb all 99 steps to get to the top.

While you’re in the area, make sure you don’t miss out on hiking Vintgar Gorge – a 1.6km ravine, about 4km from Bled, that’s dotted with beautiful waterfalls and crystal pools. We also asked Couple of Prague to tell us more about their trip and what they enjoy about Slovenia.

About us and our adventure

We are Lukas and Eli, wedding photographers from the Czech Republic. We grew up running around forests and after we met, we fell in love with the Alps so we’re constantly going back – either just for fun with our friends or to shoot weddings and portrait sessions. We’re so lucky to be able to combine our passion for the outdoors with our work. 

This Slovenia trip was one of our friends’ ideas and we had no idea how breathtaking the Triglav National Park was! The mountain pass offered amazing views, while we just watched the sunset and took photos. Our little tradition is to make Korean ramen after we get back from a hike to our cabin or Airbnb house. These are the best times! 

The summer was super busy but we managed to escape to mountains for couple of days with our favorite people – we still can’t get over how beautiful Slovenia is! – Couple of Prague, photographers