What to Wear: The Jet-setter

What to Wear: The Jet-setter {Fashion}

Last week I posted a sweet little going away outfit for brides to leave their reception in. Today’s post is for the more distant honeymoon traveler. Whether you’re headed to a beachside resort on a faraway island, or planning a romantic adventure in a European city, chances are you’ll be spending some time on a plane to get there. Flying was once considered a glamorous affair and today I offer up a little comfortable chic for your next long-haul journey.

When traveling by plane you may be tempted to default to your favourite tracksuit. While this is a practical choice it’s also a frumpy one. After lack of sleep, nothing makes you feel worse post-flight than looking like a schlub. With major airports like Dubai and Heathrow hubs for trendy┬ájet-setters, you’ll want to strike a balance between comfort and style. My ensemble harks back to the the queen of comfortable chic, Coco Chanel.

While they won’t have the same give as a pair of track pants, a simple cotton jegging will give you enough room to stretch on board and will still look presentable when you disembark. Lookout for pairs with a high elastane content if you want some extra stretch.

If you’ve traveled recently you’ll know that in-flight temperatures can rise to hot and stuffy and dive to drafty and cold. To combat the change in climate you’ll need two layers – a light crepe camisole and a soft open cardigan. Plane static is a constant threat to hair so stay away from hoodies and pullovers.

Most people like to discard their shoes during the flight and you may need to remove these at border control as well. Stick to supple leather ballet flats or slip-on loafers.

Airports, like planes, can also seem to change in temperature. A light-weight jacket is the final layer you’ll need and will tie any casual look together. A small boucle jacket is the perfect size for travel and won’t crease during transit.

When it comes to luggage, women are permitted a handbag as well as a carry-on on board. Make the most of this by storing your liquids in a pre-packed clear bag, passport, boarding pass, money, phone and tablet in your handbag, preferably a messenger-style with a long strap. This will make security checkpoints a breeze and keep all your essentials in one place.

Most importantly, remember that when traveling less really is more. Leave all your lotions and potions at home and bring 3-in-one face wipes instead. Similarly don’t bring a book and a magazine if you already have your tablet. Prepare early by loading it with plenty of music and reading material.

Happy flying!

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