What to Wear: Domestic Goddess

What to Wear: Domestic Goddess {Fashion}

In just a few days spring will have officially begun and warm winter woollies will be packed away to make room for floaty frocks, delicate ballet pumps and pretty cardigans. However the first day of spring is not only marked with a change in attire, but also with an annual desire to freshen one’s home. Today’s what to wear is for all those domestic goddesses who like to still look fabulous while spring cleaning!

When giving your home a once over for the new season, comfort is key. But comfort doesn’t always mean tracksuit bottoms and an old tee. A lightweight cotton dress is a surprisingly good alternative. Ventilation from below will keep you cool while a little length will keep you covered when bent over to clean the bath. Best of all a cotton dress is easily pulled off after a hard day of housekeeping!

Prevent chemical stains and dust from damaging your cotton dress with a simple apron. This modern floral apron is spring appropriate and perfect for disguising marks. The pockets in the front are also ideal for carrying around a few cleaning supplies like dust clothes, that way you always have them on hand.

Protect a manicure and the skin on your hands with some rubber gloves. This may feel a little silly for day-to-day use but for an intensive spring clean they’re essential for keeping strong detergents and cleaning aids from drying out your skin.

Take a little inspiration from the classic 50s housewife and tame hair and flyaways with a headscarf. Not only will this give your look some retro chic, but it will also prevent dust and other chemicals soiling your hair.

If you need some help getting your home into tip top shape, look no further than Classic Household Hints: Over 500 Old and New Tips for a Happier Home. This old-fashioned little book looks back to tried and tested methods of yesteryear,

And remember, there’s no shame in taking pride in your own home and looking great while you’re at it! So grab those gloves and get cleaning!

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