Try This Easy, Pink & Green Make-Up Tutorial

It’s always a bit daunting to try something new but we were so excited to get some tips on how to combine our favourite colour combination in a stylish way. This make-up tutorial is quick and easy, with top tips on how to create a chic, every day look using pink and green. We asked Lisa Brown to show us how she pulled this look off.

The most important thing with all my makeup routines is prepping the skin and cleaning it properly before applying any make-up. I’ve found that any make-up stays on longer, because your skin feels nourished. – Lisa Brown, make-up artist

Where to start

I used Marc Jacobs’ Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer because it brings the refreshing feel of coconut to your face, while perfecting and extending the make-up wear. With its hydrating, nutrient-rich formula, it’s ideal for normal to dry skin types. Enriched with concentrated coconut extracts, it forms a natural, vitamin-rich barrier between the skin and the make-up. It mirrors the effect of synthetic priming ingredients, allowing your skin to breathe without compromising the skin-perfecting benefits. 


I applied the primer with my round, rose gold oval brushes, to really get into the skin. My new obsession is light-weight formula foundations – less is more for me! The more you prep your skin, the healthier it will look – so there’s no need to apply a thick foundation. I used Chanel’s Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation. It gives a smooth texture, but it’s still light-weight and tinted. I don’t put any foundation underneath the eyes and I always make sure to have SPF in my foundation, for the South African sun.

It’s in the eyes

On the eyes, I used Kylie’s Royal Peach palette because peach and pink undertones warm up the eyes of any eye colour. They’re very easy to use and, as a make-up artist, the palette has really nice undertones for any client. I used the light green eyeshadow underneath the eyes, but mixed it with the pink undertone to make the green pop more with her blue eyes. Don’t be afraid to mix colours – I do it all the time! 

I used M·A·C Studio’s Eye Gloss to give that fresh look on her eyes. The easiest way to apply this, is with your finger (your finger can be the most powerful tool in your kit). Try to stay away from your eyelashes because once you touch the lashes with the gloss, they’ll be sticky! You could use a sharp-angled brush closer to the lash line to help apply the gloss.

The Bronzer

My favorite bronzer at the moment is my Chanel Soleil tan. The colour is very natural and can be used nicely for contouring. You can really shape the face with this bronzer and it changes depending on the brush you use. I have used a smaller, oval brush to create a structured look without applying too much on the cheek bones – I want to keep the focus on the eyes.

My Glow kit by Anastasia is what I used on her upper cheeks, around the arch of her eyebrow and on the tip of her mouth. You need to highlight were the light falls. Never use too much highlighter, because you don’t want to look oily (I used the colour Bubbly on her cheeks).

Last, but not least

I applied Laura Mercier Prep and Prime Powder on her T-zone. I don’t use any colour powder underneath a client’s eyes because it tends to cake. You need prep and prime underneath the eyes due to your eyes being five times dryer than the rest of your face and this ones works the best for me.

The Result?

The overall look was to show that you can use two different colours on your eyes and I found that you can be a bit more creative by using the second colour underneath your eyes. Try to use the one underneath your eyes that will make them stand out more. Keep your lips soft and matt, so as not to draw attention away.