A Showcase of a Powerful Woman

This incredibly powerful shoot captures the essence of what it means to be a strong woman. The striking red dress against the moody sky and the delicate curls contrasted by her shaved head, we were struck by beautiful simplicity of the shoot. A quote we read by Diane Mariechild which said that women are the full circle – within us is the power to create, nurture and transform. This shoot captures that essence perfectly, showcasing her soft feminine side against the boldness of her individuality.  

Ronel’s inspiration for the shoot

This shoot with Rina was a personal project for me – I simply wanted to portray some of the many intricacies and depths of a woman. I love Rina’s look and I asked her to model for me and whether she would allow me to do a shoot for her based on my idea. She was keen and it all came together beautifully. In future, I would like to create unique and meaningful portrait session for my clients, based on how they see themselves.

Capturing the details

Rina has a strong yet soft, almost vulnerable, face and I wanted to photograph her in a way that would capture that essence. There is a field of red flowers not far from my home in the Breed Valley and we added smoke bombs for texture, which worked beautifully to further symbolise the different and sometimes contradictory sides of a woman. Rina has great style and she did her own hair and make-up, choosing a striking red dress for her shoot. I hope to portray more scenes like this that show something deep about the woman in front of my lens.