How to wear Coral Lipstick

On this lovely Friday afternoon we’re excited to share another beautiful and easy make-up look with you. This summer is all about looking younger and feeling refreshed! This means young and old can wear beautiful coral lipstick in different shades, to achieve a fashionable and trendy look. Coral is such a beautiful colour and it is suitable for a relaxed everyday look or a lovely lunch with your colleagues. There are so many shades of coral, you will be sure to find one that suits your skin tone. I have a philosophy when it comes to paintings, interior design, fashion and especially make-up: Less is more! I know this is also Bobbi Brown‘s philosophy and she is one of the most successful makeup artists and business women in the industry. One of the mistakes our mothers made when doing make-up (especially in the 80’s) was that they had more than one focus area on their face and too much make-up. Such a look will unfortunately age you. Choose one focus area. If you have beautiful eyes and you love applying a lot of make-up, then keep your cheeks very soft and your lips a very natural colour. When you do decide on a coral lip, make sure that this is your focus area and keep your eye make-up minimal.  A healthy cheek will complete the look. Even if you do not have the fullest lips, now is the time to experiment and follow these easy steps in creating an exciting new look for summer! Thanks Marli Basson for all the great tips!


1. Apply your foundation.
2. Give your eyes a gentle sweep of color. A very light and neutral colour will do the trick. (Brule by Mac.)
3. Apply mascara on the lashes. (Haute & Naughty by Mac.)
4. Give your cheeks a healthy glow with a suitable blusher. (Bobbi Brown’s Bronzing powder in nr 3)
5. Give your lips some definition and line them with a lip pencil. (Soar by Mac)
6. Make some dots with the lip pencil. This is an amazing tip to make your lips stay on longer.
7. Fill the lips with a nice lip crayon. (Bobbi Brown has a very pretty shade “Coral Pink” and I love the lip crayons by Revlon as well.
8. Apply a see-through lip gloss to make the look even more playful (Chrissie is wearing Mac’s Fulfilled lip gloss)


1. Give your lips some definition and line them with a lip pencil. (Soar by Mac.)
2. Apply powder to the lips with a brush. (This is another great trick to make your lipstick stay on for longer. A translucent powder works best.)
3. Apply lip stick or lip moisturiser.