Frequently Asked Questions

When I purchase a product, what am I actually buying?

Our products are all digital products (printables), this means you are buying a digital file and no physical product will be shipped. Once you’ve purchased the product, a digital PDF file will be downloaded to your computer ready for printing at home or at a professional printer. The PDF file is for your personal use only *, once you have downloaded and saved the PDF file you can print the product as many times as you’d like.

What is a pdf?

Did you know that PDF actually means Portable Document Format? For normal people like us, a PDF is the file format that we use to save our designs. The file can be opened with Adobe Reader or any similar PDF reader. If you don’t have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free here.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We only accept debit and credit cards.

How do I purchase a product?

Please take note, purchases can be made on both computers and mobile devices, however the downloads can only be done on a laptop or desktop computer, not on tablets or phones.

  1. Select the product that you would like to purchase.
  2. Add the product to your cart, by clicking on the black ‘add to cart‘ button.
  3. After you’ve added the products, your shopping cart will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  4. Click on the cart. It will display all the products you’ve added.
  5. If you would like to add more products, click on the ‘continue shopping’ button. If you’re ready to pay for your products, click on the ‘buy’ button.
  6. Once you’ve clicked on the ‘buy’ button, you will be taken to the checkout page.
  7. Complete your details and credit card information and click on the ‘place order’ button.
  8. You will receive a confirmation message to confirm that your purchase is successful, with a list of the items you’ve purchased as well as the download links for each download you’ve purchased.
  9. You will also receive a confirmation email, with the links to the downloads, which you can save for future use.
  10. To open the file, make sure you have Adobe or similar PDF reader and open the design. If you don’t have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free here.
  11. Use the paper of your choice and print your design.
  12. For professional printing, save the design on a flash drive and take it to a printing shop.
  13. Fold, cut or frame your design and voila – enjoy!

Can I edit the designs I purchase?

These files cannot be edited. The products are specifically designed to save you time and are ready to be used as is. All you have to do is purchase, download and print the file.**

** If you’re buying a menu, you will have to open it in Photoshop or any other software that allows for image editing and add your menu items to the design. You could also add a personal touch and handwrite your menu items after printing the template.

Can I download the files on my phone or tablet?

You will be able to purchase any of our products on any electronic device – desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. However, you will only be able to download the products on a computer.

How do I print the product?

  1. Once you’ve downloaded the file, open the file with Adobe Reader or any similar PDF reader. If you don’t have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free here.
  2. Insert the paper of your choice in your printer. If you’re using paper that is non-standard, ensure your printer is enabled to print on paper of various textures and weight/thickness.
  3. From Adobe Reader (or your software of choice), click on ‘Print’.
  4. It may happen that your printer is not printing the design in the right size or up until the paper borders. Should this happen, you need to make adjustments to the paper size, orientation, margins or scale of the printing. The details of this will be determined by your specific printer’s possibilities and settings. To make adjustments you will need to enter your printer settings and set the correct options there.
  5. If you’re unsure, have no time to figure this out or you would like your designs to be printed by a professional printer, just save the design on a flash drive and take it to a printing shop and they will get the printing done for you. (Most often we leave it in the hands of professionals ourselves!)

Do you offer printing services?

No unfortunately we don’t, but any local print shop should be able to assist you at a very reasonable price!

What paper do you recommend?

We recommend that you print on a heavy stock card.

I’ve printed the design and the colours look different from what I saw on my computer.

Computer monitors vary in the way it display colours, so printed colours may not match your monitor’s display exactly. We recommend that you use a professional printing service for the best results and always bear in mind that what you see on your computer/mobile device can differ from the printed product.

Do you offer custom designs?

Unfortunately we don’t accept any custom design orders or customisations.

Refunds & Exchanges

There are no returns or exchanges on downloadable items.

* Can I resell the product, or use pieces of your designs for other products?

No, you cannot resell our product, all products in our shop are owned and copyrighted by The Pretty Blog CC. When you purchase the product you only buy a license to use the product for personal use. No part of this template may be reproduced in any form.

I’m a designer and I’d love to design a FREE printable product for The Pretty Blog. How do I become part of your contributors?

We’re so excited that you’d like to contribute to our printable section! All contributor printables will be uploaded to our Printable section to be downloaded for FREE (please note that we do not offer monetary compensation for printable contributions). Your printable will also be featured on The Pretty Blog in the appropriate month. For more information about our editorial themes, submission times and contributing, please see more info here.