Time to get Organised – Free Printable

I made it my New Year’s resolution that I will have to become more organised and neat. Knowing myself quite well, it had to be something practical – otherwise it would just stay a “pie in the sky”. Firstly I decided on making a basic calendar that I can adjust to fit any month or year. It really helps me when I see the upcoming months work in perspective and it makes me aware of potential problems or busy weeks ahead.
Secondly I designed some folder labels (they fit on a basic Croxley folder) and box labels. There’s an amazing range of pretty boxes at Merry Pak and super cute white ones at Woolworths, if you guys are looking for some.I’ve designed these in quite a few different colour schemes to fit any creative work space. I really hope these help you as much as they helped me, I now have absolutely no excuse for having an untidy studio.

What you will need

  • A4 paper
  • a marker
  • medium-weight paper

  • Step 1 for calendar

    Print your calendar on any size paper you prefer, I used an A4. Having it laminated makes it possible to be used several times.
  • Step 2

    Then all you have to do is customise it to a specific month, writing the dates on. When the month is finished you can just rub it off and change it to the following month. I used normal white board markers, but don’t fret if you use permanent markers – they can be removed with turpentine or cutex remover.
  • Step 1 for labels

    Print your labels on medium-weight paper and cut them out. The folder labels can just be slid into the pocket on the spine of the folder.
  • Step 2

    The other labels can basically be used for anything from school books to boxes. I had my box labels laminated, so I can use them more than once.