Tea Time Treats – free printables

Today marks a very special day on the South African calendar. We celebrate Women’s Day and the brave women who, throughout time, put themselves on the line, fought for what was right and was able to bring forth change in the beautiful country of ours. But we don’t only celebrate women of the past … for me, it is also a celebration of the sisterhood, femininity and just about all things fabulous and pretty!
So, to celebrate with us, why not spoil your favourites with a lovely cup of tea and biscotti. We made cute little teabag envelopes as well as teabag tags which you can just attach to any teabag (we used embroidery thread in pretty colours).
It is such a quick and easy way to brighten up any tea time gossip! You can also use them to spoil someone lovely with a cup of tea in bed, or even use the tags at your tea and coffee station on your wedding day!
Hope these tea time treats brighten up your Women’s Day! Have fun!