Quick Easter Bunny Wabbits – Craft

In my home everything is ALWAYS last minute. Al.ways. For me time seems to be flying by at mega speed and you know what, before I knew it, Easter weekend’s here and I still haven’t bought any Easter eggs. Sad face.So if you are a super procrastinator like me and you are having guests over, this quick-and-easy-no-need-for-printing-or-any-special-tools Easter DIY is just for you ;)


I have attached a little template to make cutting the bunny a bit easier, but (and don’t tell anyone I told you to do this! Eek!) if you are really in a hurry, open the PDF and put a piece of paper against your lit-up computer screen and lightly trace the template onto a piece of paper (oh gosh, did I just tell you to do this?!). Now you have a cut-out template on normal paper, which you can use to cut wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, even newsprint or images from a magazine. I used some sparkly scrapbooking paper because right now I have a slight sparkle obsession.


All you need to do is a attach the bunny to a toothpick and pop onto store-bought cupcakes for a hassle-free Easter dessert! If you do have a bit of extra time though, try one of these delicious Easter recipes from The Food Fox, Nelle Cakes and the lovely Nicola herself! If you do feel like a weekend project though, I’ve added slightly bigger bunnies which you can use to make up your own gift tags, place cards or even use as a garland for decoration.

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