Pretty Pantry – Free Printables

I always thought that a beautiful pantry would inspire me to dust off those recipe books and start cooking wholesome meals, bake delicious cookies and cakes.
So I have finally taken the time to organise my pantry, and made these labels that I would like to share with you to help you prettify your pantry.

You will need

  • 12 Consol glass jars (or any other 1 litre glass jars)
  • 4 sheets of A4 sticker paper
  • scissors
  • 3.8 m ribbon or lace
  • double-sided tape

  • Step 1

    Please print the downloaded PDF onto your sticker paper.
  • Step 2

    Cut each printed design carefully out all around the border.
  • Step 3

    Remove the back-end of the sticker and carefully stick it onto the first glass jar.
  • Step 4

    Continue until all 12 jars have stickers on (make sure that you place the stickers all on the same level, so that when you put your jars next to each other, they will look pretty and neat).
  • Step 5

    Now for the ribbon top: take your ribbon/lace and cut it into 30 cm strings.
  • Step 6

    Put some double-sided tape all along the length, on the back of each string of ribbon.
  • Step 7

    Pull the back of the double-sided tape off and carefully stick the ribbon all around the top part of the jar, but keep in mind that the lid must still be able to close properly.
  • Step 8

    When you are done with all the jars, it is time to fill it up with some wholesome and sweet ingredients …