Paper Flower Wreath

We are so incredibly excited to share our DIY with you today! For a while now we, at Seven Swans, have been drooling over the amazing work of Chloe Fleury and our hands have been itching to make some pretty paper goodies! We’ve also been loving all the wonderful paper flower ideas that have been popping up and so decided to make our very own paper flower wreath that can be used as a hanging wreath or picture frame.
Use the flower and leaf templates (our create your own) to make the decorations and we’ve also included the oval frame and inner poster for you to use to complete the look. We found that using thick foam double sided tape (mirror tape) on some of the elements and scoring the leaves helped bring the whole thing to life! It’s easy to get carried away with making these pretties so we’d suggest setting aside at least an afternoon to make your own beautiful frame. Select a pretty colour palette of paper, grab your scissors and enjoy!

  • Templates for the flowers, leaves, frame and inner poster.
  • An assortment of beautiful paper in your favourite colour palette
  • Scissors
  • Standard double sided tape
  • Thick double sided tape (the foamy kind)
  • Ruler
  • Bone scorer or you can use the back of a cutting knife (NT cutter)

  • Step 1

    Print out the templates on your pretty paper. Or draw/ create your own.
  • Step 2

    Start cutting out the different elements that will go on your frame or wreath..
  • Step 3

    Make each flower by using the foam double sided tape to stick the different layers on top of one another. (Each of the flower templates have several layers – they are numbered with the same number to group them).
  • Step 4

    Use your ruler and bone scorer (or equivalent) to create creases on the leaves to give them a bit more life. We loved how scoring the leaves and giving them a gentle fold really gives that extra something special to overall look.
  • Step 5

    Once you have all of the flowers and leaves ready you can start arranging them on the paper frame. TIP: We found it helped to take a picture of it set up (not stuck down) and then you can refer to it when sticking them all down with the double sided tape.
  • Step 6

    Stick your beautiful frame over our template poster, a lovely photograph or simply use it as a hanging wreath
  • Step 7

    Place it in your home and enjoy!