Perfectly Printable Paper Blooms!

There’s something so special about receiving a beautiful bunch of flowers from a friend or loved one. They can brighten up any room and bring joy to your day. But, as much as we love the pretty blooms, we can’t help but feel sad when they start to droop.

Adding a couple of beautiful paper flowers to the bunch helps the love and happiness they bring last even longer. Attach one of these pretty tags too and you’ve got a unique gift or a ‘just-because’ surprise for someone close to you! You can use the template we made for the pretty paper flower wreath  a while ago, for the fun flowers,  or create your own as you go…here’s to creating some blooming beautiful florals! 


  • Download and print the tags and flower templates onto pretty paper
  • Cut out the elements and use them as they are or attache them to sticks or florists wire with double sided tape or glue 

Items Needed

  • Colourful paper
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape/ glue
  • Flowers
  • Sticks or florists wire to attach paper flowers to