Free Inspiring Poster For 2014- Part 4

We kick off this week with another inspiring quote, made into a beautiful poster by the lovely Charlene from Blankspace. Christine chose a few words of wisdom to remind us of the inspiration each of us carries within, and that life is too short not to share it with the people around us. Therefore in 2014, we will strive to live a life that inspires! Simply download the design, put it in a frame, and voilà- there you have a brand new wall decoration to spruce up an empty corner in your house. You can download this poster along with NicolaRoeleenAnneke & Carin‘s posters for free.

Your life is your message to the world. Make sure it inspires.
I believe every one of us has gifts to share with others. By sharing a bit of yourself, whether it is though nurturing, creating, healing or helping; in some way, even the smallest little thing, can inspire other people. A while back I photographed a couple’s wedding in Johannesburg and one of the main themes for their wedding was that they wanted to share inspiration with their friends. In the groom’s speech he mentioned something I will never forget. He said that life is too short not to share inspiration with other people. I thought about it, and then I realised that we all really have something to share. And it is our duty to do so. You never know what the smallest of things might awaken in someone else. Whether it’s just sharing your beautiful smile, baking someone a lovely home made cake, sharing a recipe, painting a picture for a friend, writing a blog post, helping a child or friend in need or even taking photos of someone’s wedding day, we all have something to share with others. As they say, actions speak louder than words, therefore in 2014, I choose to live a life that hopefully inspires.