For The Love of Coffee – Free Printable

At the end of last year my husband and I took the plunge and bought ourselves a proper espresso machine. There hasn’t been a day that we’ve regretted that choice, it has changed our lives dramatically. And I can now officially be labelled a coffee snob because nothing compares to the bean-to-cup experience!
We’ve now also started experimenting with all the different types of coffees, anything from cappuccinos to lattés – the possibilities are endless. My husband came up with the genius idea of creating a poster with all the different coffee options on it, almost like a coffee menu/recipe. I just had to share this with you, as I’m sure we’re not the only coffee addicts out there.


I printed my poster on A3 canvas material, that I had block mounted. It’s a vector image, so you can print it to any size you want (and it will not pixelate, I promise). I do, however, not suggest going smaller than A3, otherwise all the words might not be legible.