Floral Napkin Detail & Gift Wrapping for Christmas

In just a few days’ time families and friends all around the world will celebrate Christmas. If the madness of the year caught up with you, and you haven’t had much time to prepare for the festivities, this simple and easy floral ideas are the perfect way to add that personal touch to your Christmas gifts and table.

We paid a visit to the lovely Heike, from Fleur le Cordeur, to get some tips and advice on how to use fresh flowers in an unusual and interesting way. She showed us how to use flowers and other garden finds for a festive table setting as well as for Christmas gift wrapping. For more festive floral ideas from Heike, click here.  (Photos by Amanda Drost from Passionphotography)

Floral Napkin Detail


  1. Fold napkins in the desired shape. A rectangular shape works well; you can use the length of the napkin to display flowers on.
  2. Group little bunches of flowers together and secure with rubber bands.
  3. Attach bunches of flowers to the napkins using string and tags of your choice.

Floral Gift Wrapping

You will need:

  • Hessian or any other fabric of your choice
  • Ribbons of your choice
  • Rubber Bands
  • Scissors
  • Selection of Flowers
  • Safety Pins


  1. Neatly wrap the present with hessian and secure with safety pins.
  2. Wrap the present with ribbon.
  3. Group a bunch of flowers together and tie with a rubber band.
  4. Attach the flowers to the wrapped present with pins or ribbon.
  5. Now you can place the Christmas present under the tree or give to a loved one. If you want to wrap the presents a few days in advance, use flowers with a long life span.