Download This Free Minimalist Meal Planner

We’ve recently begun doing weekly meal preps and often trade recipes and tips in the office. The easiest way to stay on top of things, though, is to keep track of which ingredients can be used in a few meals and making a list of what we’ll be eating each day, ahead of time. It really helps fight that feeling that we’re eating the same thing three days in a row! It also helps cut down on the budget because we’re able to buy exactly what we need for the week and we know we’ve got a delicious lunch packed when the hunger strikes. 

Planning a week of balanced meals can help you make healthier food choices, and save you time and money. The key to wholesome food is to make sure that you can identify everything that you and your family eat. Planning allows you to cook once and eat twice or even three times. – Franchette

The Planner

Use the pantry basic and seasonal produce list to plan your weekly meals. Once you’ve planned your meals, you can start planning your prep for the weeks and write down the groceries you need to get. Just download and print it as you go along. Keep it on the fridge as a reminder that the meals are already sorted, for those times when things get a little crazy.