Decorate your Diary DIY

That happy Spring feeling is in the air and it’s at this time of year that we all get antsy to Spring clean our lives, homes and our health.
With the thought of beautiful sunny mornings and summer days ahead everyone’s calendars are starting to full up with braais, family lunches, weddings and birthday celebrations. Weeks are busy, weekends are jam packed and it’s good to keep track of all the exciting goings on with a perfectly planned diary.
Today we bring you some cute & colourful diary reminders for you to glue or washi tape into your diary day or on your hanging calendars. Pop one into a special persons diary too, to let them know that “I love you”.

Daily reminders in the PDF

  • Don’t forget!
  • Remember to …
  • Buy
  • Collect
  • Please call
  • I love you
  • Our anniversary
  • It’s … birthday
  • Dinner date with …
  • Lunch with …
  • Breakfast with …
  • Bookclub evening …
  • Deadline!
  • Time to relax
  • Doctors evening
  • It’s … wedding
  • Movie night
  • Holiday begins
  • Holiday ends
  • Dentist Appointment
  • Enjoy today!
  • Time to focus
  • Sports day
  • Birthday party
  • Teachers evening
  • You can do this
  • Braai time
  • Washing day
  • Urgent!
  • You are my best
  • Join me for a movie
  • Very important!


  • Please print pages 2­3 of the downloaded document onto a white A4 card stock.
  • Cut out the various diary reminder notes using a craft knife and ruler or a pair of scissors.
  • Store these notes in a glass jar with your favourite washi tape or stick of glue on your desk near to your diary. 
  • As you plan your days and the events ahead stick these reminders in your diary to make it pretty and to keep you reminded of your upcoming commitments.