Glass, velvet & brick colour blast.

This vibrant and eclectic mix of florals, textures and style is the perfect way to add a sophisticated burst of colour to any home. We loved the mix of glass, velvet and brick – with pops of brightness against darker shades it was beautifully balanced! We asked Elizabeth, from BonTon Events, to tell us just how it all came about.

The Inspiration

During season time we build such strong relationships between suppliers within the events and wedding industry. As you can imagine, working on site on weekends, you spend so much time together you become the best of friends. So, usually during the off season, we schedule a collaborative shoot with a bunch of industry friends. It’s a good reason to get together and catch up and it’s also such a great opportunity to put our heads together, combine strengths and play together without any limits. By making use of warm, yet exciting colours, moody light and a few pretty ladies with some serious attitude, we created this vibrant cocktail scene.

Tips to recreate the look

Blomboy, with his super creative mind, once again showed us that you don’t have to spend a fortune to create an impactful installation to wow your guests. By using tumble weed, a bit of black spray paint and a few post-its (or coloured cards) you can get quite far.

Scape Events brought some remarkable furniture pieces, made from the most luxurious fabrics, to the party and the best part? All the pieces are available for rent for events and weddings!

Don’t be afraid of colour! Bold colors in a concentrated area can warm your space and and add a lively character to your decor choices. The Bold and the Beautiful comes to mind when describing this exceptional look. Use like-colours together to create layers of texture of one colour family. – Johan Taute, stylist