Christmas Gifts Sorted with @home

Every year I make a promise to myself that I’ll get that Christmas shopping done early. And every year I find myself on the 15th of December, caught up in the rush of the silly season with a long list of gift shopping that still needs doing.  

If you’re in the same predicament as me then you’ll probably agree that a one-stop shopping destination, where you can sort all your gifts in one go is what you are looking for. And if it can be done online, even better. 

A Gifting Guide for Every Personality 

This year I’ve found the answer. @home’s Christmas gifting catalogue has launched and they’ve just made gifting so easy. They’ve helped us out by creating gifting inspiration boards for every type of person from The Entertainer to The Stylist to The Health Nut and more. And they’ve split these ideas into price ranges depending on whether you’d like to splurge, spend or save – so easy! And they’ve got a really clever gifting app to guide you through the process of deciding what to buy for each person on that list of yours. 

Safe to say I have had gift options for everyone from my healthy sister to my kitchen savvy father sorted and delivered in a few clicks and I’ll have my feet up enjoying the festive season well before next weekend. 

Make your own Christmas Wishlist

Another great idea is to use @home’s gift registry service to make your own gift wish list – the modern version of writing your letter to Santa!  Your friends and family can check out the things that your heart desires, buy them and pop them under the Christmas tree for you. 

Create your registry in store, online or using @home’s gift registry app that can be downloaded from either Google Play or the App store for iPhones.