Celebrate Movember

My husband has been overseas on a work trip for almost a month (sad face). Mostly we call and sms, but to my horror a week ago when we decided to Skype, what did I see glaring back at me? One big fat moustache… just sitting there on his upper lip. Urgh!

So what does men looking like lumberjacks have to do with fabulous DIY Thursday here at Pretty Blog? Well, for starters, Movember supports a great cause (read more about it here) and secondly it makes for great fun. So today in celebration of Movember, Seven Swans created a few little fun pieces. Share your love and support with a cool poster or throw a Movember Party, complete with props and d├ęcor! I think I might just use them to celebrate my husband’s return this weekend! ;)

Have fun!

xx Anelle from Seven Swans

PS. Samantha also included the cutest of cute movember gift tag in this post.