Bean There – Coffee spot

This week we visit Bean There, a roastery which is certified to roast Fairtrade coffee in Cape Town. Bean There also happens to be Carla’s favourite hang-out. Carla is our admin fairy here at the blog and has drunk scrupulous amounts of coffee at this trendy spot. You will be happy to know that there is also a Bean There in Johannesburg. 

We absolutely love the vibrant decor, which could work just  as beautifully on the inside of a home. We met up with interior designer Megan Fasanelli, who was responsible for the decor. Megan says, “The overall canvas is a crisp clean white infused with bright colours and little pockets of interest”. 

Lovely pictures by Claudia De Nobrega

We also spoke to owners Rojeanne Koen, Hein Koen & Jonathan Robinson about Bean There.

How was the idea for Bean There born?

Bean There has been building a presence in Cape Town over the last 3 years in terms of coffee supply. Bean There has some very unique differentiators which include being the first roaster of certified Fairtrade Coffee in South Africa. We also work exclusively with African producers and our low carbon footprint and exclusive African organic coffee offering is a great fit for the Cape Town market. Hence our decision to open the roastery in Wale Street.

When you browse our shop you will find …

Freshly roasted coffee beans to choose from and buy. You can choose a coffee from any of the five different African countries to taste as a cuppacino, espresso, latte, etc. Delicious carrot cake and stunning décor!

We are inspired by…

We are inspired by the opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of the producers of our coffee, while taking our customers on a journey of discovery to uncover the continents finest single-origin coffee’s. Our desire is that our customers would fall in love the with the unique aspects of each of our coffee’s and join us on our coffee adventure.