Beach Front Bachelor Pad – Home Tour

The home of architect Eben Rall was sent to us by one of his good friends Marlé Smit. Marlé says even though she has always known that Eben had a great sense of style, she was still blown away when she walked into his new beach front apartment in Strand.

Every piece in Eben’s home tells a story. The décor is a mixture of modern, classic and vintage but is still very masculine with loads of warmth and charm . The statement charcoal walls are complimented by the floor to ceiling windows in the lounge and main bedroom, with a breathtaking view of the beachfront and inviting natural light.  From vintage suitcases, to sun bleached white animal trophies (collected in the veld on a trip to the Karoo), to modern furniture pieces and driftwood collections in tall glass vases,  this apartment reflects the sentimental collector inside all of us…

Images by Yolandé Marx

5 Minutes with Eben…


Years lived in:
2 years

My style is best described as:
I would describe my style as Victorian Curiosity. My home is full of dark woods, leathers, metals, hide, skulls and bones combined with the modern toughness of steel and glass. My biggest love is to work with different textures, to combine materials and surfaces that just make you want to touch everything.

I love my home because:
It is truly who I am and is a collection of all the things that I have gathered over the years from my travels, adventures and explorations, items I’ve picked up while spending quality time with good friends. Everyday I work with clients and their houses, and dream up spaces for them to call home, coming home to MY home is a “dream come true” everyday. Having the openness and view over the ocean really puts a smile on my face.

My home DIY projects include:
Having ten (or five?) thumbs on each hand, sanding down and fixing broken pieces is not my strong point at all (I’d rather pay someone to do it). I do love taking different elements and textures and putting them together as a display. From glass bell domes with old rusted spoons in on my grandmother’s silver tray, changing the cover of my couch every season, and moving pieces around from one room to the other to give it new perspective.

I splurged on:
As time changes so my splurges change… at one stage it was buying brick-‘n-brac to a time when it was books by the dozens. Currently it is all about bags, beautiful suitcases, and old travel bags with a curious history.

The biggest challenge was:
When I started looking for a new place to stay, I immediately fell in love with the open space and volumes of light, and off course the stunning view of False Bay and Cape Point. The apartment was painted in this dreadful, dull, yellow-cream paint, so it was quite a challenge to find a paint colour that will warm up the space and work with my furniture and art. I decided on this Roof Paint Grey colour, and it was rather nerve wrecking to make such a bold choice in colour – but it works for me and I love it!

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